Hello, how are we all? it’s Fiona here on the blog today and  we are going to create a koala in a gum tree with Couture Creations Alcohol Inks. I have kept this one as simple as possible so once you have master this one you might like to teach the other younger children in your life. I will be doing this with 4 of my grandsons when I see them next, they range from age 5 to 14, so pop on over and grab your inks and head over to YouTube for a step by step instruction, or here on the blog with written instruction have a great day.


1.In my video you will find the picture that I used to draw up the koala, draw or trace it onto the synthetic paper, only use light pencil marks so that it doesn’t show through when you paint over the tops of them.

2. To created the background , I will use Storm, Mint and Isopropyl Alcohol , add IPA then your colours and let them mingle on the page tilting your paper,  till you are happy with the result, you can use your brush to help your ink move and mingle.

3. We will now move onto the tree using a brush IPA and Sienna and Espresso Alcohol Inks to create the bark on the tree rubbing gently on the paper with some ink to create hard lines and textures to form the bark (use the flat of your brush and move it from side to side while pushing the ink to the spot you want your line to be).

4. With the Pewter coloured ink or you could create your own grey colour (wine and green will make a grey) add IPA to your koala and cover with the grey taking note how far the ink will spread so it stays inside your koala if it does go outside use the technique to create the bark to gently push it back where you want it to be I should of put a bend in the koalas arm so feel free to do that with your version now for a few details using a micron pen we will put in his face details and add some claws to his paws (I didn’t show this fine details with the pen on video as my phone cut out . I added some white pen to his eyes at the top as a highlight and the eyes were black micron pen same with the claws, they were black micron pen as I got more control with them) one thing I will say is I love the alcohol in markers they have a bullet and a brush tip which is really nice to use instead of having a chiselled nib of other brands.

5. Don’t forget to make it your own by adding a branch coming from above the koala and then we are going to add some gum leaves for the koala to chew on, I will add a link to my gum leaves video for you to have a look at. Using a mix of these colour Mint, Shamrock, Wine and Jade, in the video you will see me mixing these colours, if you need any help don’t hesitate to drop me a message and I’ll happily answer it for you.  Thanks very much for visiting me on the blog today have fun stay safe keep creating until next time Fiona xx

Koala alcohol ink link: https://youtu.be/GoKzCkvIAqI

Gum Leaves Link: https://youtu.be/ecTu1-BEpVk



Couture Creations Material Lists:

Alcohol inks

  • CO727302 Jade                               
  • CO727301 Shamrock                 
  • CO7273331 Pewter                                   
  • CO727321 Wine                         
  • CO727332 Midnight                   
  • CO727333 Storm                         
  • CO727336 Sienna                                   
  • CO727310 Mint                           
  • CO727331 Espresso                   
  • CO728160 Isopropyl alcohol   
  • CO727891 Blending solution 
  • COAP006 Alcohol Ink marker – black 
  • CO727860 Glass mat                 
  • CO727338 Synthetic paper       
  • Other: Pencil, rubber, paint brush #1 / Micron pen, white pen



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