Fiona here today with my special project  a “VINTAGE SCRAPBOOK” created with the EARTHY DELIGHTS collection.  I have a created a video of my book VIEW IT HERE:




Paper measurements for base and flap

Base 26 cm x  18cm,  score at 9cm and fold in half.

Flap 12cm x 18cm, use your pencil and make a mark at 9cm on the long side on each short side, make a mark at 4.5cm, draw a line from the 4.5cm to the 9cm and cut on each side from the bottom of the paper mark 2.5cm on each short side score and fold.

Using either All-purpose Art glue or Double-sided tape attach the scored fold to one side of the base, see video for demonstration, put this aside for now and we will move to doing the right inside section.

Right side insert

Using a the nondominant colour cut a piece that measures 9 cm x 28 cm and score on the long side 7cm, 9cm,11cm, and 13cm fold them and burnish with the nondominant side facing, add tape to each fold, creating  4 pieces of tape attached, put this aside for now.

You will need 4 pieces of nondominant paper measuring 7cm x 9cm, and  4 pieces of your patterned paper measuring 6.3 cm x 8.3 cm, round the corners on the patterned paper and attach them to the other 4 piece of paper, centring them. Attach these 4 pieces to our bits on tape on the scored piece that measures 9cm x 28cm, starting at the 7cm end.

Please watch video for this next piece as I’m not sure how clear I can make the instructions, but I will try fold you cascade over so it looks like a book on the inside panel, add a patterned paper measuring 8.3 cm x 13.5 cm round the corners and attach.

Lay a whole piece out in from of you with the cascades facing downwards, attach a piece measuring 2.5 cm x 18c m at the base of the 7cm piece of card- see video if you need clarification.

Patterned paper measuring 12cm x 17cm on the back of this piece add a strip of double sided tape on each long side about approximately 5cm in length leave the carrier paper on it for them moment turn your paper over so you have your patterned side facing up.  Place  the cascade on the centre of this and wrap around the ends of 2.5cm x 18cm and attach to the back of the base, now you will centre this onto the right inside of the base envelope, you should be able to pull the bottom card on your cascade and it will move and cascade each attached paper.

Left inside insert.

Base coloured paper cut at 7.5 cm x 16 cm, Score at 2 cm on 3 sides and mitre the corners. This will create the pocket, cut another base piece measuring 12cm x 17cm and a patterned piece measuring 11.5 x 5cm attach this piece to the front of the pocket. On the back of the 12cm x 17cm piece add tape to 3 sides, cut a notch in the top of this piece and the pocket pull up the bottom bit of tape and about half of the sides and fold the pocket round the base measuring 12cm x 17cm, take off the rest of the tap and attach to the inside left of envelope.


Left inside booklet.

Patterned paper measuring 21cm x 10 cm score and fold at 10.5 cm attach this above the pocket by gluing or double-sided taping it to the base. Smooth white card measuring 20cm x 9cm score and fold at 10cm attach to the inside of the patterned paper to create a booklet.

Inside flap.

Patterned paper measuring 17cm x 8.5cm, pencil and mark the centre 8.5cm on long side measure on both short sides at 4.2cm, draw a line from the 4.2cm to the 8.5cm and cut out the triangle on each side, attach this to the inside of the flap.

Front of base.

Patterned paper measuring 12cm x 17cm and attach to the front of your base.


Base paper or patterned your choice , I used base 29.5cm x 2cm wrap around the envelope making sure that its not too tight as once you start adding things it will bulk out glue or use tape to secure it add your embellishments, I used the Earthy Delights ephemera pack.


Hope you have enjoyed this make and I’ll see you next time have a great day!!! FIONA XX 


YouTube Link:





Couture Creations Material List:

  • CO728877 – 6 sheets Earthy Delights papers  12 x 12
  • CO728887 – Earthly Delights ephemera pack                             
  • CO728769 – Smooth white cardstock                                                   
  • CO723973  – Paper trimmer                                                                     
  • CO726342 – 12×12 Score board                                                             
  • CO728513 – All-purpose art glue                                                                       
  • CO721984 – 12mm double sided tape                                                 
  • CO726809 – Precision craft knife                                                            

 other:  Ruler pencil and rubber.


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