Stacey Park of Scrapbooking Made Simple, has a keen eye for design and passion for preserving memories. Stacey has teamed up with Couture Creations to offer a range of innovative products and inspiration for the scrapbooking community. Her latest collaboration is a stunning range of Microfine Glitter, available in 12 glorious colours.

Elevate your crafting projects to dazzling heights with our exquisite Microfine Glitter! Delicately crafted to add a touch of shimmer and sparkle, this fine-grade glitter is a must-have for any artisan or crafting enthusiast.

Each particle incredibly small, ensuring seamless integration into various mediums without compromising on the intensity of its brilliance. Whether you’re embellishing handmade cards, enhancing scrapbook layouts, to adding flair to mixed media artwork, this glitter effortlessly adheres to surfaces, creating a mesmerizing effect that catches and reflects light from every angle.

Its ultra-fine texture ensures smooth, even distribution, enabling precise detailing and intricate designs for all your projects.

Available in 12 vibrant colours, our Microfine Glitter offers endless possibilities for creativity and customization. Whether you prefer subtle elegance or bold statement pieces, you’ll find the perfect colour to suit your artistic vision.

CO729254 – Microfine Glitter – Orange Pop – 15gm
CO729255 – Microfine Glitter – Silver Shimmer – 15gm
CO729256 – Microfine Glitter – Carbon Copy – 15gm
CO729257 – Microfine Glitter – Admiral Blue – 15gm
CO729258 – Microfine Glitter – Carribbean – 15gm
CO729259 – Microfine Glitter – Red Delicious – 15gm
CO729260 – Microfine Glitter – Envy – 15gm
CO729261 – Microfine Glitter – Afternoon Tea – 15gm
CO729262 – Microfine Glitter – Café Au Lait – 15gm
CO729263 – Microfine Glitter – Yellow Curry – 15gm
CO729264 – Microfine Glitter – Prom Dress Pink – 15gm
CO729265 – Microfine Glitter – Grapevine – 15 gm

Join Creative Member Mary with her amazing technique using the Microfine Glitters to create this Glitter striped card and her pretty Glittery Butterflies – perfect for any occassion.


  • ULT200001 Snow White cardstock
  • ULT200007 Obsidian Black cardstock
  • CO728284 Adhesive Foam Rectangles
  • CO728912 Double Sided Foam Dots
  • CO721985 6mm Double sided tape
  • CO723973 Paper Trimmer
  • CO725038 Scissors

Stacey Park microfine glitter 15gm

  • CO72262 Cafe Au Lait
  • CO729257 Admiral Blue
  • CO79661 Afternoon Tea
  • CO729255 Silver Shimmer

2 Circle dies  [ 1 x 1 and 5/8”and 1 x 1 and 3/8”]  /. Greeting stamp /. Paper Towel /. Baking Paper



White cardstock

  • 1 x 5¾” x 8½” Score at 4¼”
  • 1 x 5½” x 4”
  • 7 x  8” x ¼”

Black cardstock

  • 1 x 8”x 2 and 1/8”

Micro fine Glitters

  • Place 6mm tape on the back of each of the ¼” strips.
  • Take the top off the 2 of the ¼” strips, place on the baking paper and sprinkle with blue glitter.
  • Tap off excess.
  • Place these on the paper towel. Gently rub with your finger to bring up the shine.
  • Do the same with the Cafe Au Lait and Afternoon Tea Glitter.
  • Using the Silver shimmer glitter repeat this process with the final strip.
  • Adhere  these 7 strips to the black cardstock. Leave a small amount of black showing at the start and finish. Also allow a small amount of black to show between strips.


  • Adhere the striped piece diagonally to the  5½”x 4”white . [This doesn’t need to be symmetrical]
  • Using the larger circle die, cut a circle  from 1 end, centering it between coloured strips.
  • Stamp greeting to the white circle created with the larger circle die. Using the foam circles, adhere this to the space created on the card.
  • Using the foam rectangles, adhere top to card base.
  • Glue the smaller die cut circle to the top right corner. 

Pretty Glitter Butterflies

Using the   Cut, Peel and Stick paper card

  • White – Cut, Peel & stick paper card: CO78922
  • Black – Cut, Pell & Stick paper card :  CO728921

Stacey Park Microfine Glitter

  • CO729257 Admiral Blue [ White Butterfly]
  • CO729263 Yellow Curry [White Butterfly]
  • CO729259 Caribbean [White Butterfly]
  • CO72962 Cafe Au Lait [Black Butterfly]
  • CO729264 Prom Dress Pink [Black Butterfly]
  • CO729258 Caribbean [Black Butterfly]

2 piece butterfly die / Baking paper / Paper towel / Lid from  larger size box / Teaspoon / Tissue

To create White butterfly:

  • Set up a work area using the box lid, baking paper,paper towel and teaspoon.
  • Die cut both pieces of the butterfly using the white sticker card.
  • Peel the backing off the butterfly base and place in your work station.
  • Using teaspoon, and starting at the outer edge, pour over the blue glitter and tap off. Replace excess back in bottle.
  • Make sure that you use the tissue to wipe off any left over glitter still on your teaspoon before you start the next colour.
  • Follow the same process with the Admiral Blue and Yellow Curry.
  • Place on the paper towel and gently rub with your finger to bring up the shine.
  • Peel the backing off the top piece of the butterfly and adhere to the base. Rub firmly to make sure that it is firmly stuck.

To create the Black butterfly:

  • Cut the base butterfly using the white sticker card. Use the black for the butterfly topper.
  • Follow the same process as when making the white butterfly.
  • Start with Prom Dress Pink, followed by Cafe Au Lait, then blue.

How wonderful are these Glittery Butterflies that Mary has created . Thanks Mary for sharing your techniques with Microfine Glitters 


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