Hi everyone, Michelle here today and I’m back to share a little more creativity with the gorgeous Elegance collection and this time I’m sharing another small treat pouch/gifting box which can be used for popping in small treats – chocolates, small Easter eggs, anything really.

They are really quick and easy to make – I used the small tag from a previous collection – the Steampunk collection and cutting a few of them out with the die was so quick and easy, patterned paper, double sided adhesive, a little cardstock and just like that you have made yourself the base of the gift box/pouch and then once again you can embellish it any way you choose.

Tuck in your choice of  treats – or you can bag up the small chocolate eggs and they are ready for gift.

Would be a fabulous idea for the grandchildren or even the kid’s school friends.

Let me share just how easy it is to make these …

Cut two cardstock tags and two patterned paper tags.


Adhere patterned paper tags to cardstock. Score the bottom of the tag at ¾” and score two or three times, gently – but you want the edge nice and crisp and flat – these become the flaps underneath the gift box. Adhere the flaps together.

Cut a strip of matching coloured cardstock – 1” wide and long enough to sit inside the tags to make a dummy box – measure your tag width, score, allow ¾” width for each side, score again gently, you want to have the score lines crisp and flat to sit nicely and then allow the width of the back tag with a little extra to cross over and then use a strong double sided adhesive to adhere on the inside of your tags [I also used a fine line of glue in conjunction with my adhesive tape].

I’ve included a photo here so you can see how the strip fits in and around the inside of the tags to make a dummy box. I have lightly inked the edges of my tags.

Now it’s time to add all those bitsers to embellish the front of your gift boxes.


One of my gift boxes has my beloved dangly bits – I’ve also added a wooden heart, some pearls and a sentiment tag and my other gift box – I’ve just popped on a couple of heart shapes and a sentiment.  Thread and tie twine through the hole to close.  Two very simple ideas to embellish your gift boxes. To finish off, tuck those wee choccie treats or Easter eggs inside.



Couture Creations Material List :

  • CO728820 – Elegance collection kit
  • CDEIPU028 – Brown ink
  • ULT200062 – Persimmon Cardstock
  • CO721983 – double sided tape
  • CO725038 – scissors
  • CO728511 – all purpose – art glue
  • CO726342 – 12” Scoreboard

Happy crafting everyone! Until next time ~
Michelle [aka Mrs Frizz)

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