Pull Up Lantern Card with Mary Mckell


  • Midnight Hour card stock: 
  • 4  x 2”x 12”  [Lantern strips] Scored at 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”and 10”.
  • 1 x 6¼” square  [Card Base]
  • 2 x 2”  [ to be cut in half diagonally for card corners]
  • 2 x 7/8”x 3¼” [ for top locking mechanism]
  • 1 x 1”circle  [for top of lantern mechanism ]
  • 4 x Butterflies

Blues By You – Patterned Paper:

  • 1 x 6”square  [Top layer of card base.]
  • 12 x 1¾” square  [for lantern strips)

Silver Card:

  • 16 x 1 7/8” square  [for lantern strips]
  • 2 x 1½” circles   [for top of locking mechanism mechanism]
  • 6 x Butterflies

White Card:

  • 1 x 6”square  [for under the base card to write greeting]
  • 4 x 1¾” [ for stamping]


  • Stamp chosen greeting to top of small white squares.
  • Adhere the silver, patterned paper and white pieces together. [I chose to use the light side of  the patterned paper for the top of each strip for contrast]
  • Fold lantern strips on the score lines, starting with a mountain.
  • Adhere the small square pieces to the lantern strips, leaving the bottom square on each strip empty.
  • On the base card put a pencil mark at the centre of each side.
  • Glue the back of the bottom strip of  one of the lantern strips and adhere to the underneath side of the card base, using the pencil mark as a guide.
  • Do the same with the other 3 strips.
  • Adhere the white card to the underneath side of the card base.
  • Round the corners of the card base, top layer of card base and corner pieces.
  • Adhere the top layer of paper to card base [I used the light side of the patterned paper for contrast.]
  • Adhere the corner pieces to card base. Leave a small piece of the patterned paper showing.
  • Adhere your chosen piece from the ephemera pack to the centre of the base card and decorate as desired.
  • Adhere the Blue locking mechanism strips together to form a cross.
  • Fold down the lantern strips and place locking mechanism in the middle.
  • Once happy with positioning,  glue the end of each strip and place under the top pieces of the lantern strips. For best results, do 1 side at a time.
  • Using hole punch, make a hole in the centre of the  locking mechanism and the 3 circle pieces.
  • Glue 1 of the silver circles to the under side of the cross mechanism, with the silver side facing the bottom.
  • Cut a 12”piece of invisible cotton.
  • Glue the 2 of the  silver butterflies together, with the cotton in between them on the spine only.
  • Do the same with the other 4 silver butterflies. Spacing them evenly along the thread start from the bottom of the card. Adhere the blue pearls to the centre of each butterfly.
  • Thread the cotton up through the under side of the centre mechanism. When happy with the positioning of the butterflies, glue the cotton in place. [ Make sure that  the glue doesn’t go past where the top circle will sit.   
  • Glue the blue and silver circles together.  Fold the blue ribbon in half and thread up through the top of the circles. When happy with the length, glue to the underside of the silver circle. Adhere this piece to the top of the mechanism.
  • Glue each of the blue butterflies  to the top of each of the lantern strips and decorate with the crystal gems.
  • Place a gem in each corner of the top butterfly square.
  • Choose 4 flowers and carefully ink the edges with the Deep Sea Blue ink.
  • Adhere 1 in each corner of the card base.


Gift Box Instructions: 

Box Base:

  • Midnight hour card stock:
  • Cut a piece 8½” square…..Score at  1”on all sides.
  • On every alternate corner, cut up along the 1”score line as far as the next score line.
  • Wedge all corner flaps.
  • Using glue, assemble the base.

Box Lid:

  • Cut a piece of midnight hour 8 5/8”square……Score at 1”on all sides.
  • Mark at 1”from in from the the score line to create a square.
  • Cut this piece out and discard.
  • Cut a piece of Acetate 7”square and adhere to the under side of the lid.
  • Using the same process as for making the base, assemble the lid.
  • To decorate, ink a selection of flowers and arrange around 1 corner of the lid to finish.


Couture Creations Material List

  • CO729223 Blues by You paper number 5
  • CO729227 Blues by You Ephemera pack
  • CO729233 Blues By You Happy Birthday stamp and die
  • ULT200010 Midnight hour card stock
  • CO728945 White card stock
  • CO725406 Silver Mirror card
  • CO729066 Blooms
  • CO729065 Blooms
  • CO729049 Crystal Gems 3mm
  • CO725364 Silver pearls 2mm
  • CO724633 Snow White pearls
  • CO724153 Gemstones Azure 2mm
  • CO724640 Midnight Blue 3mm pearls
  • CDEIPU019 Deep Sea Blue pure ink
  • CO728511 All Purpose Art Glue 60ml
  • CO721985 Double sided tape 6mm
  • CO725349 10mm Corner rounder


  • Butterfly die 5½” 
  • Navy Ribbon
  • 12” Invisible cotton
  • 2 x Circle dies [ 1 x 1”and 1 x 1½”]
  • CO724603 Acetate


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