Today we have Guest Artist Kerry Collins with her awesome double page layout using the Couture Creations Earthy Delights collection. Here is Kerry’s detail  step by step layout. 

Cutting Instructions:

12 x 12 – Snow White

  1. Cut one 7” x 5”
  2. Cut one 6” x 4”
  3. Cut one 3” x 4”

12 x 12 – Pattern Paper 05 (Timber)

  1. Cut two 11 ½” x 6”

12×12 Pattern Paper 07 (Brick)

  1. Cut one 3 ¼” 10 ½” (right page)

12×12 Pattern Paper 08 (Flowers)

  1. Cut one 12” x 8” (left page)
  2. Cut one 3 ½” x 8 (right page)

Remaining (reverse side) – cut one 1” x 1 ¼” and one ¾” x 1 ½”. Flag’ one end of each piece.

Remaining (reverse side) – used for stamping

Ephemera Set –  Saying ‘Adventures are forever’, 3 flower clusters, fan leaf, palm leaf and two dried flower bunches.

Stamping & Heat Embossing

  1. Using Clear Embossing Ink, stamp the two Decorative Pots onto the remaining 08 Pattern Paper (reverse side).
  2. Apply Copper Embossing Powder and heat set.
  3. Fussy cut out both images.

Die Cutting. Battle Fatigue – die cut 3  ‘Palm Leaves’.  /. Kraft – die cut 2 of the smallest frames from the Frame Set


Assembly Instructions

Left Page

  1. Attach a 11 ½” x 6” Timber piece, to a Battle Fatigue base page, with the 11 ½” edge approx. 2” in from the left-hand side.
  2. Attach the 12” x 8” Flower piece across the centre of the page, flush to the left and right edges.
  3. Attach a die cut frame to the page, approx. 2 3.4” up from the bottom of the page and ¼” in from the left-hand side, in the portrait position.
  4. Attach the 6” x 4” white photo mat in the portrait position, alongside the frame piece, leaving a small gap.
  5. Attach the 3” x 4” white photo mat in the portrait position, alongside the 6” x 4” photo mat leaving a small gap.
  6. Secure a brad through the top of the larger of the two flagged piece and mount to the top of the 6” x 4” white photo mat.
  7. Attach the smaller flagged piece to the right-hand side of the larger flagged piece.
  8. Attach two die cut palm leaves to the top and side of the flags and mount an ephemera flower cluster as shown.
  9. Mount the embossed Decorative Pots to the page in the centre of the frame and attach the two ephemera dried bunch flowers to the pots in their coordinating sizes.
  10. Tie two bows in some twine and attach a bow to the top of each pot.

Right Page

  1. Attach the remaining 11 ½” x 6’ Timber piece with the 11 ½” edge flush to the right-hand edge of the Battle Fatigue base page.
  2. Attach the 8” x 3 ½” Flower piece flush to the left-hand edge of the Battle Fatigue base page, centred top and bottom.
  3. Attach the 3 ¼” x 10 ½” Brick piece down the page, flush to the flower piece and overlapping the Timber piece.
  4. Attach the 7” x 5” white photo mat, in the landscape position, to the page just below centre.
  5. Mount an ephemera flower cluster and attach the fern leaf, the fan leaf ephemera pieces and the remaining die cut palm leaf to the bottom right corner of the page as shown.
  6. Attach the remaining die cut frame, in the landscape position, to the top right corner of the page above the photo mat.
  7. Attach the smaller ephemera flower cluster to the page, above the frame.
  8. Tie a bow in some twine and attach to the flower cluster.
  9. Mount the ephemera title to the page in the centre opening of the frame.


Couture Creations Material List

  • CO778883 Earthy Delights – paper 5
  • CO728885 Earhty Delights – paper 7
  • CO772886 Earthy Delights  -Paper 8
  • CO728893 Earthy Delights Palm Leaf stamp and die
  • CO728896 Earthy Delights Decorative Pots stamp & Die
  • CO728468 Trimmer
  • CO726327 Tacky Glue 118 ml
  • CO724972 Copper Embossing powder
  • CO728278 Embossing ink pad
  • CO728887 Earthy Delights emphera packet


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