Hello everyone, I have just discovered the world of ‘Resin Art’. So I had a hunt for some moulds I could try that fitted in with the Seaside Girl Collection. This is what developed. Firstly I got curious – what would this resin work in, so I just made up a cupful and gathered a variety of mould types.

I tried it in silicone and clear soft moulds, plastic dish and a sticky tape backed/acetate frame free form. They all worked, some just removed easier.

My first batch I just used the clear resin. Once it was cured I coated them with gesso thinking it would paint easier – I found that the wet ink was lifting the gesso in places. So, next I tried colouring the resin by adding a coloured alcohol ink (white). This worked better with the painting – so now I know.

I cut a piece of cardboard 4″ x 5″ and sealed it with a coating of gesso on both sides. I sealed the paper as well (next time I would use a matte) then glued it onto the backing board with glue.

I painted more moulds than I needed with the alcohol inks. I used a few coats of different colours and the inks blended well onto the resin. The components I used for this project. Once I got this far it was just a matter of gluing it all together. I added some art stones and modelling paste to finish it off. The finished project – With the resin pieces, I thought that this idea of a ‘hanging tag’ could be a nice gift.

Materials List

CO728096 Clear Casting Resin
CO728309 Seaside Girl – 6.5″ Paper Collection, Page 1B & 3A
CO728317 Seaside Girl – Ephemera Pack
CO726327 Glue – White Tacky
CO726328 Glue – Liquid Scrap Spots
CO727301 Alcohol Ink – Botanical
CO727307 Alcohol Ink – Dandelion
CO727309 Alcohol Ink – Eggplant
CO727310 Alcohol Ink – Espresso
CO727332 Alcohol Ink – Snow Cap
CO727333 Alcohol Ink – Stream
CDEIPLU032 Dye Ink – Cappuccino
CO727948 Blending Brush – Medium
CO724871 White Gesso

Other Products:-
Moulds, Muslin/cheesecloth, hession, ribbon, string, artsy stones, 4″ x 5″ cardboard base, a paper sealer like Mod Podge mat medium, modelling paste, .

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Kaylee Snell