When is Christmas not Christmas? When you make a year long calendar with Christmas crafting goodies, that’s when. Sorry, clearly not a cracker worthy joke, just a plain fact – Let me show you what I mean.

Begin by cutting two different Naughty or Nice patterned papers into strips to fit the width of your tag or door hanger. In addition, cut three 15 mm strips of one of the papers.

Using the mod podge and paintbrush, fix the two papers to the tag or door hanger and then glue one of the thin strips across where the two papers join. Let this dry.

Create a bow with another thin strip of Naughty or Nice patterned paper by folding in the two ends and gluing in place.

Use the final thin strip of patterned paper to wrap around the bow and glue in place.

When the paper that you have stuck to the tag or door hanger has dried cut away the excess using the Precision Craft Knife and, if you would like to, distress the edges using a pigment inkpad.

Cut the remainder of the final thin strip of paper in half and also cut the ends at a diagonal to create two bow strips. Glue these in place with the Turbo Glue Pen and then stick the bow on top of that.

Fix the Metal Doily in place using 3D glue gel.

Then, push the large sparkly embellishment on top so that the glue gel from the bottom pushes up through the Metal Doily and catches the embellishment.

Finally, glue the Calendar Tab in place using the Turbo Glue Pen. How wonderful that we can create something for all year round using our Christmas supplies, right?!

Hope you enjoyed this one and will join me again next time for more from the Couture Creations range.

Materials List

CO0726890 – Couture Creations Naughty or Nice 165 mm Square Patterned Papers
CO726810 – 2020 Calendar Tabs
ULT158045 – Ultimate Crafts Petal Doily Metal Charms
CO724389 – Turbo Glue Pen
CO726343 – Mini Guillotine Trimmer
CO726809 – Precision Craft Knife.
Mod Podge Matte
1 inch Flat Head Paint Brush
Large Sparkly Embellishment
3D Glue Gel
MDF or Chipboard Tag or Door Hanger

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