Hello there Joanne here today with a special treat – showcasing a fabulous technique using the Hot foil stamps and Cut, foil and Emboss dies with SHRINK PLASTIC — yes they work amazing together.

This is a great alternative to stamping with ink on shrink plastic to create embelishments for your crafting projects. You can also use Cut, Foil and Emboss dies to create items with foiled details, cut perfectly to shape.

The foiling process is very similar to foiling on card. I found you just need to add an extra card shim so you have the right pressure for the foil to transfer.

You can die cut shrink plastic with open frame dies, but you have to bare in mind how much it will shrink. Any very narrow areas may become brittle when the plastic is shrunk. It shrinks to about 1/4 of its orginal size.

I made the flowers and “Live, Lough, Love” tags noraml open frame dies (just the outside shape and no fine details).

The car, cake, “Best Wishes” tag, and the butterfly are made using Couture Creations Cut, Foil and Emboss dies. The picture on the right shows the Cut, Foil and Emboss dies used and the finished items – you can see how much they shrink.

The plastic gets much thicker when it is shrunk, so if you want a hole in whatever you are making (to attach a cord or ribbon) use a hole punch to make the hole before you shrink the plastic. The hole will also shrink to 1/4 of its original size so needs to be quite large to begin with.

After shrinking the plastic, use some clean dry kitchen towel to buff the foil.

Here is a video showing the process from beginning to end.

Click on the link below to view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO64eI114Ng

Materials List

CO726573 – Butterfly Garden – Garden Butterfly Cut, Foil and Emboss Die
CO726567 – Butterfly Garden – Live Love Laugh, hotfoil stamp
CO725905 – Lavish Ballroom – Wedding Cake Cut, Foil and Emboss Die
CO72540  –  Nouveau – Jalopy Cut, Foil and Emboss Die
CO725392 – Foil – Blue/Green Foil (iridescent finish)
CO725358 – Foil – Blue Foil (Mirror Finish)
CO725359 – Foil – Pink Foil (Mirror Finish)

Joanne Hedges Creative