Hello everyone , Joanne here today for Couture Creations, for today I wanted to show you all how a technique on foiling onto paper napkins / serviettes, using my GoPress and Foil, and I love how they turned out.

I’ve used plain, white serviettes and transformed them with a variety of foils. You could use the same technique to foil onto any colour serviettes.

I’ve used my GoPress & Foil, and Couture Creations heat activated foils, along with a selection of Couture Creations hot foil stamps from their Naughty Or Nice release.

I found that there was a greater tendency for over foiling than when foiling on card, because the surface of the serviettes is soft – but any over foiling easily brushed away using a soft, clean brush.

This is what one of the snowflakes looked like when I peeled off the foil. The gaps in the snowflake are filled in – but the extra foil just brushed away.

This is what the snow flake looked like after I had brushed away the over-foiling.

In my video I show you how easy it is to create these gorgeous paper napkins / serviettes. Video Link: https://youtu.be/ZdkSmd15fj0

Materials List

CO726924 – Naughty Or Nice – Ornate Christmas Tree Hotfoil Stamp
CO726920 – Naughty Or Nice – Merry Christmas Snowflakes Hotfoil Stamp
CO726923 – Naughty Or Nice – Christmas Borders Hotfoil Stamps (set of 3)
CO725685 – Foil – Gold (Warm Mirror Finish)
CO726065 – Foil – Silver Foil (Iridescent Speckle Pattern)
CO725358 – Foil – Blue Foil (Mirror Finish)
CO725390 – Foil – Deep Red Foil (Mirror Finish)

Joanne Hedges Creative