Hi Crafters, Fiona here today with my Tri Fold Journal insert folio, created with the New Release Blues By You collection 


12×12 sheet of Blues by You Design cardstock and score board , score at  3.75″  / 4 “/  8 “/  8.25″  turn the cardstock one turn and score again at 1.75 ”  and 7.25″ 

Hold the paper so that the small rectangles are at the top,  we are going to remove the scorelines and cut up to the next scoreline.

Turn the  paper so that the small rectangles are closest to you , we will remove the whole rectangle and the score lines from the right side (if you cut the other side, it will still work it will just be on the other end. Keep the piece you cut off as we will use is at a co-ordinating tag for the front of the Folio.  Cut the other score line at the small triangle end, like we did for the bottom,  now you should have 2 flaps at the top and 3 at the bottom grab a corner rounder  punch and round the corners of the top flaps< if you’d like to and also the inside corner of the large pocket see video for clarity>

Fold up left-hand flap and glue/tape down one end this will be a large pocket,  we will leave the inner most side open for ease of access. Add a Velcro dot to close pocket. Moving onto the next pocket <the centre one>  make a mark with a pen at approximately 1 1/2 inches from the bottom and on the opposite side at the top,  mark another 1.5″ inches mark (a ruler or your trimmer line up your ruler or trimmer and slice in a diagonal line>.  Create 2 pockets. The piece we just cut off we are going to add a little bit of glue to the front, in the 2 bottom corners and glue it to the flap where we just cut it from now, glue along the edge of the 2 pieces to create a pocket. <You can add a notch in the top one if you’d like to >

Our last flap we will flip to the opposite side and fold in half, glue down the folded in half piece so you should have a pocket and a flap on the front of it, add glue to 1 side and across the bottom to create a side pocket.

Ephemera for our Folio

Belly band

With Blues by You Vellum , cut a piece that measures 6inches  x 1.5 inches, score 1/4 inch of each end,  add some all-purpose art glue to the scored ends and to the blank page on the inside to create a belly band. You may need some clips to hold it in place until the glue sets.

Mini folder for our belly band

12″ x 4 3/4 inches,  piece of Blues by You designre paper,  cut a 2 inch piece off the end,  we will create a co-ordinating tag to go into our folder score the now 10 x 4 3/4 inch piece at 2 , 5 1/4, 8 ¾. On the 2inch section add a thumb notch and glue 2 sides to create a pocket. In the middle we will make a library pocket with some of the Blues by You vellum that measure 3 1/2 x 4 1/4 in score at ¼ in on 3 sides glue/tape to the centre of the mini folder. 2-inch piece we took off the end cut to make a tag that fits in this pocket

Mini envelope for folder

Blues by You cardstock that measures 5 7/8 ” x 4 inches score at the long side at 2 ¼  and 4 ¼ inch fold to make an envelope. You could add a thumb notch in this if you like you could also add another folded 1.5 in circle to the opening of this envelope. See video link above YouTube: https://youtu.be/EqopH78X2wc


Small folder

With a sheet of 12 x12 Blues by You paper , cardstock and cut a piece that is 12 x 3 3/8 in score this piece with 12″ at the topat  2 1/4″  , 7 3/8″

Fold along score lines take a circle punch (mine was 1.5 in) and punch a circle out fold in half glue to the centre of the 21/4in flap to reinforce it once dry punch a hole to put some ribbon or string in to create a closure in the opposite end punch out a thumb notch. With the vellum from the Blues by You collection trim a piece that measures. 3 7/8inches and another one that measure 5 1/2 inches and glue/double sided tape them to your project to create shallow pocket to put ephemera in punch your hole and add ribbon for your closure. This will go into the large pocket in your folio , you can add picture and small ephemera to this pocket

Decorate the front of the folio with some of the Blues by You diecut ephemera –  for that extra special look – hope you enjoyed this will  – see you in the next one. Fiona XX 


Couture Creations Material List

  • CO729229 – Blues by You collection – vellum                   
  • CO729217 – Blues By You Paper pad 12×12                                         
  • CO729216 – Blues by You collection kit                                   
  • CO729227 – Blues by You ephemera                           
  • CO728524 Scissors                                                       
  • CO726342 Scoreboard 12 x12                                     
  • CO723973 Paper trimmer                                             
  • AD90016 Double sided tape                                      

Ribbon and any other embellishments.


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