Hi everyone Fiona here for Couture Creations today , Ihope you are all having a wonderful time crafting,  I have been working on another card,  this one is all about hearts. So, let’s jump to it

I have created a tutorial video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6UsWSb9ppc



  • create a background using the  alcohol inks,  I used Ruby Alcohol ink with some blending solution,  due to high humidity,  I changed over to isopropyl alcohol added Wine Alcohol Ink using my blower tool to move it around, I also used the  alcohol ink applicator  tool to help spread the ink colour, so I had my paper fully covered, allow to dry in between steps.
  • add spots of Imperial pearl Alcohol Inks to your background in a random pattern,  I didn’t add any blending solution or Isopropyl alcohol at this step allow to dry.
  • add spots of Pearl gold Alcohol Inks to your page then isopropyl alcohol, blow the gold around the page. Once dry , cut the alcohol inked page into a 3inch strip, 2inch strip and a 1 inch strips.
  • let this dry, cut the card LUSH ULT200035 – base out –  measured 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 ,  fold the cardstock in half and the fold at the top of the card , sew on some lace or trim of your choosing or you could glue it on, but like the sewn look.
  • With the inked paper cut into  3’strip, 2’ and a 1’ – cut out heart shapes, so I folded over the edge of the 3’ piece at the width I wanted my hearts to be then I cut out the shape I wanted do this with all strips you cut.
  • using Choclolae Sprinkles Stayz in place Alcohol ink pad – rub the edged of the cut out hearts, so you can’t see the white on the edge of your hearts this helps to define each heart when we add them to our card
  • Arrange the hearts on to the front of the card base to create a design you like.  I went from biggest to smallest mostly and I had the point of the first hearts resting just under the edge of my lace trim.
  • With Quick dry adhesive , start gluing down the hearts, adding  glue to the bottom of the hearts and slightly folded to give a 3D effect. I then cut down some of the leftover adhesive yupo paper to 51/4 x4in and attached it to the top inside of the card and I wrote a sentiment on the inside be my Valentine’s Card.


Thank you for taking a look at what was created today I hope you enjoyed it – FIONA XX

YouTube: https://youtu.be/n6UsWSb9ppc

elliomoonarts @ socials


Couture Creations Material List:

  • CO727337 Bending solution
  • CO728171 Stayz in place alcohol ink pad – Chocolate sprinkles
  • CO727343 Alcohol ink applicator tool
  • CO727859 Alcohol ink blower
  • CO727374 Alcohol ink Pearl colour Imperial
  • CO727378 Alcohol ink Pearl Colour gold
  • CO727326 Alcohol ink Ruby 
  • CO727306 Alcohol ink wine 
  • CO728522 Scissors Detailing 
  • CO727341 Alcohol ink paper 
  • CO726325 Quick dry adhesive
  • CO728160 Isopropyl alcohol 



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