Hello, Fiona here today and it’s my turn again for Couture Creations Alcohol Inks and today, we are going to paint some Terrace Houses with these awesome inks on Alcohol Ink paper, I hope you all really enjoy this project. I had a lot of fun doing it but I was rushing a little in the video as I was trying to keep it under and hour long which I did achieve but I then went in and fixed up a few thing on my painting where I had some other colour bleed into areas that I didn’t want them and I also needed to fix up some of the windows and door trims as they were a little bit wonky but all good now!!!


YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/0TqZmhzl9os


I have put sketch drawing of the houses in this blog post for you to use

1. Sketch out your houses onto your Couture Creations Alcohol ink paper using a pencil try and make your marks as light as possible I did mine dark so that you would be able to see them in the video  2. Choose your colours for each house my choice was couture Creations Alcohol inks in Sienna, Wine, Ruby , Amber,  Botanical , Sailboat , blue , Grape, Pewter and Glitter accent Alcohol ink Onyx 3. Starting with the trim and roof of the first house I painted it with the Colour Couture creations alcohol ink Wine 4. Using Couture creations Alcohol in Amber and Couture creations Isopropyl Alcohol paint the body of the house  5. Using couture creations Alcohol ink Sienna paint your chimney

6. Continues to do this till you have all your houses coloured in the way you would like, and, in the colours, you like. 7. When you get to the fence you will need to mix couture creations sienna and pewter together with some isopropyl Alcohol. 8. Add your green grass in front of your fence using Couture Creations Botanical Alcohol Ink

9. Create some texture in the foreground of your picture using couture creations Pewter and dry brushing. 10.Using couture creations glitter accent alcohol ink Onyx paint your steps in and use it on the tops of your Chimney. 11. Paint in your sky using couture creations sailboat blue and pewter mixed to create a Smokey blue sky adding lots of Courture creations isopropyl alcohol to the mix will lighten the colour and help you to achieve a smoother looking sky.  2.Now you can add your Pigma micron pen work to your tree and your power lines if you don’t want to use your paint brush and the onyx.

Couture Creations material list:

  • Couture creations Alcohol inks (assorted colours – watch video)
  • CO728160  Couture creations Isopropyl alcohol
  • CO727860 Couture creations Glass mat
  • CO727338 Alcohol Ink paper
  • paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Pigma micron pen .005
  • Small container for isopropyl alcohol
  • Rag or paper towel to wipe your brush on


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