Good afternoon to you all , Fiona here and it’s a pleasure to be back here again after some time away today we are going to start making a journal cover in the hope that we will create a full journal throughout the next few weeks, Here is part 1 of 4 videos that you too can create a wonderful journal using the papers of the new ELEGANCE Collection.


1. Cut 2 pieces of cereal box or other cardboard measuring 23cm x16cm. Cut another piece of card / cereal box to 23cm x 6cm

These pieces will be the front back and spine of the journal cover. Cover these with brown paper or what you would like to cover them with that will add strength to the piece other things you could cover with are old book pager , I used Couture Creations All-purpose art glue for this process.

2. Once dry, cover the front back and spine of the journal with cotton material making sure to leave approximately a ¼ in gap between the cover and the spine on both,  lay down some of the quick dry adhesive to the spine of the cover first then attached to the cotton.  Making sure it is straight. Repeat the same process with the front and back cover, allowing the ¼ in between the spine and the front or back.

Then mitre the corners and use Quick dry adhesive to fold the cotton to the inside of the cover , don’t worry if it looks a bit messy, it can be fixed that up soon.

3. Select the Elegance collection papers for the front and back cover,  you will need 2 ,12 x12 sheets,  we will use the scraps in a project later in this series these pieces will need to be 2 x 20cm x 20cm,  we will use one of the cut off pieces for the spine. Cover the front of your journal with these papers,  I used Couture Creations all-purpose art glue.  Once all is adhered, mitre the corners and glue them down to the inside of the journal.

4. Cut cardstock at 15.5 cm x 22.5 cm and 22.5cm  x 5.5 cm – these pieces will be for the inside cover of the journal, glue them down with Quick dry adhesive or a combination of Quick Dry and All-purpose art glue, then  allow to dry. And you are pretty much done!!  I wasn’t happy with how the join looked between my spine and the front and back cover and chose to add some crochet lace and a double row of pearls to this project which has made it look so pretty. 🙂



Couture Creations Material List

  • CO728820 – Elegance collection of papers Kit
  • CO728840 – Time to Celebrate layered die
  • ULT200024 Verde – 12×12 Cardstock
  • CO726325 Quick dry adhesive
  • CO728513 All-purpose Art glue


Other supplies – Old cereal box – paper to cover your box with (I used brown paper packaging) – cotton material (I used a lightweight cotton) – Some embellishments I used some crocheted lace and flat back pearls in a double row.

Happy Crafting everyone I hope you enjoy this project. Fiona XX

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