Fiona here again from Elliomoon Arts, Today I have been playing with the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate CO727452 and I have created  a two-part video , on YouTube.



I have to say , I absolutely loved playing with this product what a joy it was to use and create.


Steps used to create these. TIP: have some extra paper handy to take extra paint off your brayer and off your Gel printing plate

1. Place ink on gel printing plate mix the colours on the plate with a brayer to cover the whole plate let it dry

2. Place a stencil on your Printing plate lightly brayer over it to make sure it has good contact you don’t have to use the whole stencil you could use a couple of sections of different stencils if you desire then add another colour ink over the top of the stencil and brayer over it to cover. Carefully take the stencil off the plate once its dry.

3. Add an acrylic paint to your plate only a small amount you want it to be a thin but fully covered I used a pearlised paint, but you could use anything you had I liked having a lighter colour. Reasons acrylic paint is used are inks are mostly transparent and the acrylic is opaque, so you’ll get a much better print the other reason is inks dry fast, so it gives us more working time.

4. Once you have the acrylic on your plate, we can now print so place what you are using to print on to the plate using your hand place firm pressure on the surface do this a few times once it starts to dry a little bit start to pull the paper off your plate you should have a print that you have crated. To clean you plate to do a, new print use your scrap paper to take prints till it’s as clean as you want I like it to be a little bit grungy

I will be doing more printing with the Gel printing plate so look out for more new ideas!! Happy Crafting Fiona XX

Couture Creations Material List: