Hello Everyone, Fiona here again with another painting video tutorial. This time I created a fancy white flower painting on Black Synethic Alcohol ink paper with the Couture Creations Alcohol Inks – I have made a video with step by step techniques that you can join in and create with me.  I am having so much fun created with these Alcohol inks and I hope you enjoy my creation.  Happy Painting !!  Fiona XX 


Place 1 drop of ink onto your paper

Use blower to blow air to move ink in the direction you require add another drop of ink just to one side of the first drop and blow the ink in the direction you require repeat this process till you have a completed flower if you use larger drops of ink you can create bigger petals but I would also suggest if you are wanting to make a bigger flower to use a larger size blower or an air brush.

Tips 1. I found I got better results not using blending solution in this project  2. I didn’t take all the stems to the very bottom of the page as our brains are amazing at filling in the blanks for us.


  • CO727332 Snow Cap Alcohol Ink
  • CO728484  Golden Age Gold Alcohol Ink
  • CO727892 Black alcohol Ink paper
  • CO727859 Alcohol Ink blower
  • CO727860 Mixed Media glass mat