Hello crafters, Fiona here and Today I have a selection of boxes for you to make for storing 2.5 ” x 3.5 ” inch gift cards or ATC cards. I made these boxes  for ATC’s but they will also make a great gift for someone filled with coordinating mini cards and envelopes or gift tags inside. here is my step by step and I have created a video as – link here:



Base: box size 4x3x 2  mid-sized box.

2x Cardstock white 280gsm cut to 91/2” x 7 inches.

Score information:

Take  the 7’inch side at the top of the score board score  at  2 inches, flip the card over to the opposite side and score at 2inches

Take  the 9.5″ at the top of the scoreboard,  score at 1.5 and  3.5 “inches,  turn to the other side and score at2inches.

Design paper measurements.

  • Sides                                        1.7/8 x 3. 7/8
  • Front/back                             2. 7/8 x 3.7/8
  • Top/bottom                           2.7/8 x 1.7/8.
  • Flap                                         2.7/8 x 1.7/8

Cutting Guide – see video link here:



Small box


Box base 3’x4’x1inch.

Using white cardstock 250gsm you will need a piece measuring 8.5″inches x 11″inches.

Score guide:

With the 8.5 -inch side at the top of the score board,  score at  3in, 4in, 7in, 8in.

With the 11 inch side at the top of the scoreboard, score at 1″ , 5″ ,6″  7.5 ” inches.

 Design papers measurements. (Blues By You) 


  • Front/back3.7/8 inches x 2.7/8 inches
  • Sides 3. 7/8 ” x 7/8″
  • Top/bottom 7/8″  x 2. 7/8″
  • Flap 2.7/8″  x 2.5/8″

 Cutting Guide


Large box 3″ x 4″ x 2.3/4″

Using white cardstock measuring 12″inches x 11″inches.

Score Guide

With the 12inch side at the top of your scoreboard, score at 3″ , 5. 3/4″ , 8.3/4″  and  11.5″ inches

Turn your paper so that the 11″  side it at the top of the scoreboard, score at 2.3/4″ , 6.3/4″ and 9 .5 “inches


Design paper measurements.

  • Back/front 2.7/8″ x 3.7/8″ 
  • Sides 2.5″ x 3.7/8″
  • Top/bottom 2.5″ x 2 7/8″
  • Flap 1. 3/8 x 2. 7/8″


Cutting Guide


Mini card and envelopes for box

  • Card base 3 1/2 x 5 inches score at 2.5 inches
  • Mirror board 2.5 ” x 3.5 ” inches
  • Navy cardstock 2.3/8 x 3.3/8 inches
  • Ephemera package from Blues by You 

Envelopes –  6.5″  x 4″  inches Score at  1,  4, 61/4″

Stamp and Cut out some of the Butterfly #1 stamp and die set and colour it with the Winkle’s Glitter Markers orange and bronze/champagne.

Using Blues by You “Hello” stamp and die set, use the sentiment “Thank you” “Missing you”, and “just a note”. Stamp on the inside of the cards. Using stamp and colour outline Black inkpad and the Blues by You vintage corner stamp – stamp on the envelope and the inside of the card.

Layering the navy card stock onto the mirror board, attach it to the front of card with double sided tape. I also made some envelopes with my Couture Creations Scoreboard it has an envelope and box making guide on the back of it.


Couture Creations Material List: 

  • CO729329 Blues by You – Vintage corner stamp                   
  • CO729234 Blues By You – Stamp and die set hello                 
  • CO729234 Blues By You – Butterfly stamp and die set 1       
  • CO729227 Blues By You – Ephemera set                                 
  • CO729216 Blues By YOu  – Collection Kit
  • CO728699White cardstock 280gsm                           
  • ULT200088 Navy cardstock                                             
  • CO725402 Mirror board                                                  
  • CO728286 Hook and loop                                             
  • CO729024 Winkles glitter markers  -Orange                
  • CO729044 Winkles glitter markers – Bronze/champagne                                                
  • CO728475 Stamp and colour outline ink black                     
  • CO726347 Scoreboard                                                   
  • CO723973 Paper trimmer                                              
  • CO725349 Corner punch Large                                               
  • CO721984 Double sided tape                                      
  • CO727381 Precision stamp press                              


Link for Winkles Butterflies Blues by You: https://youtu.be/bg2EznAU4HE


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