Welcome back, Fiona here today on the Couture Creations blog with another project created with a whole 12 x 12 paper and a few of leftover scraps this was (inspired by Treasure Books on YouTube) and I thought it would lend itself very nicely to the Elegance collection,  you could use it as a gift on its own or you could add it to your journal. Please watch my video above to understand the measurements of my stationery projects: link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUYtDZ0hoo4


step by step 

Measure a piece of the 12×12 at 5 ½ inches along one side and 8 ½ inch across the top this will be your journal cover and your mini-Journal cover.  Start here  at 5 ½ inches with the larger offcut cut at 9 ½ inches and the little piece that is left over will be your bookmark sleeve and the large piece will be your ephemera holder.

Take the 5 ½ x8 ½ in piece and round the corners, if you would like ink the edges you can. Score the spine at ¼ inch on either side of the middle of the journal cover, put aside for now.

Take the Mini Journal piece (3 ½ x 5 ½) fold in half, round corners, and ink edges if you would like to.

Ephemera folder (9 ½ x 6 ½) fold in half lengthwise, cut out a triangle in the front half of the folder leaving a ¼ inch on either side of the top corners keep triangle piece. I found the centre of the front cover and measured from the centre line at 3 ½ inches  from the top using a ruler and a craft knife.                                 

Bookmark sleeve front cut a triangle out of this like we did with the ephemera folder but this time the depth of your triangle will be 3’in from the top centre line with ¼ in on each side. You will need an extra piece of elegance collection papers to create the back of your book sleeve I made mine to be a ¼ in larger all the way around (I used a piece of scrap offcut from other projects) you can also create your book make to fit into your sleeve at this stage if you are not going to sew or laminate your work you could also glue at this point. If you are lamination your work, we will do that now to all our pieces. (optional)

Complete the journal create 2 signatures (total of 80 pages) then cut them to fit the project.

Bind them with a 3-hole pamphlet stitch. Add closure of your choice, I used an eyelet and ribbon.


Mini journals create a signature that has 20 pages cut to fit your project that is 10 pages folded I used a binder clip for the closure of this one


Ephemera folder

Sew around the edge of the folder,if you are not sewing you would have already glued yours now. Bookmark sleeves place the front piece on to the back and line it up, I used some binder clips to hole it in place then sew around the edge make sure you have enough room for your bookmark to fit into it if you mess this up as I have done, before you can just create a new bookmark that fits your pocket size now.

Triangle page marker I sewed around the edge of each piece then I layer the small one on top of the larger one uses a binder clip to hole in place then sew a line across the top of both pieces. YouTube link: https://youtu.be/rUYtDZ0hoo4

Hope you enjoy this project have fun stay creative.. Happy New Year to you all

Fiona Elliott.    elliomoonarts@



Couture Creations material list:

  • CO728821 Elegance 12×12 sheet plus a piece of off cut elegance collection from previous journal making. or a piece of off cut that will co-ordinate with your selected 12×12.
  • CO726342 Score Board
  • CO723973 Paper Trimmer 
  • CO725349 Corner rounder 
  • Coffee dyed papers or avocado dyed papers or other papers of choice
  • Distress oxide optional
  • Waxed thread from binding books and a needle
  • Sewing machine optional (I will be using a sewing machine, but you could just as easily glue)
  • Eraser
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Lamination sheets if you have them if not you can use glue instead
  • Clips to hold papers in place


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