Hi Everyone, Anet here today and welcome to my inspiration post for Couture Creations. Using the gel plate is very new to me, but I thought this is a great opportunity for you and me to share the journey together. To keep the videos short I have four videos where I show you how to create beautiful prints using different techniques with the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate.

Step by Step Instructions:

Video 1 – Prepare Work Area for Gel Printing Plate

Are you new to Gel Printing? My video tutorial below will show you how to:

· Prepare your work area for Gel Printing.

· What tools or products you will need.

Tip: Bear in mind that your Brayer have a stand with two metal pieces. Do not use the Brayer the wrong way around. The metal pieces might damage the Gel Plate surface. Are you ready? Just click the video link to get started with one of the four videos in my series.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/mKfAlZSO5r0


Video 2 – Stamp Technique The Stamp Technique together with the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate is the perfect way to get more out of your stamps. Follow my video tutorial below to learn how to create prints using Acrylic Paint and the Stamp Technique. Tip: Give the Stamp a quick wipe, because you do not want the paint to dry on the stamp. You can do a proper clean after your craft session. I have a surprise on the way … please visit my blog again where I will give you a project idea using this fantastic background print.

Click the video link to learn about the Stamp Technique with the Gel Plate. Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA6Qo9mzu5k



Video 3 – Stencil Technique Do you have many stencils and might have neglected them for a while? My video tutorial is the perfect time to dust of those stencils and use the Stencil Technique together with the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate to create prints. Tip: I find it better to mix the paint on the Couture Creations Glass Mat rather on the Gel Plate. You can reuse the paint on the Glass Mat for your next press. I have the perfect project idea for you to use this gorgeous background print. Be sure to come back again to my blog.

Do you wonder how I created this? Just click the video link. Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHNWigsqmag





Video 4 – Die-Cut Technique

I just love dies and if you like it as much as I do, this video tutorial is the perfect way to learn how to create prints with the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate, using Acrylic Paint and the Die-Cut Technique. With the Die-cut Technique you not only getting a fantastic background print, but the die-cuts are simultaneously coloured with the Gel Plate and you can use it on another project. Please visit my blog again for a surprise project inspiration where I will be using this beautiful background print. Tip: When we think of layers on our Gel Plate we need to think about what we put on first, because that will be at the front of the print once you lift it off from the Gel Plate.

This video is the final video in my series. Are you ready? Just click the video link. Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2SDAJt-GlA



Couture Creations Material List:

  • C0727452 Gel Printing Plate 5 x 7
  • C0727860 Glass Mat
  • C0727749 Acrylic Block Set
  • C0728710 Lucy’s Every Day Framed Guitar Outline Stamp
  • C0728662 Homely Florals Happy Sentiment Die Set
  • C0728666 Homely Florals Love Sentiment Die Set
  • C0728660 Homely Florals Smile Sentiment Die Set
  • C0724887 Anna Griffin Rose Trellis Stencil


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Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed my Technique Videos on how to use the Couture Creations Gel Printing Plate.

Happy Crafting! Anet


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