Couture Creations All-in-One Magnetic Mat Art Work Station (CO728701) has arrived! This amazing crafting set includes a wide 12 x 12in/ 300 x 300mm metal working surface featuring printed white measurements in millimetres and inches,  along with 4 powerful magnets with soft felt backing and a flexible magnetic ruler (also featuring mm & in!).

Some great things about the All-in-One Magnetic Art Work Station

If you have a project that requires elements in paper, cardstock, vellum or a similar thin medium to stay exactly in place Couture Creations All-in-One Magnetic Art Work Station is the set for you! This includes a wide variety of mixed media applications including *stencilling, colouring, heat embossing and more.

(*) For projects that may get a little messy we recommend using a non-stick craft mat to avoid damaging the metal mat as certain mixed media may react with the printed measurements on the surface.

With a flexible magnetic ruler that includes a zeroed centre (perfect for planning out your scrapbooking and card making elements, matting and more) and with the measurements on the surface of the metal mat and powerful magnets the All-in-One Magnetic Art Work Station is also fabulous for measuring, aligning and planning.

Why else makes it so great?

The Couture Creations All-in-One Magnetic Art Work Station is fabulously light weight and thin making it perfect for packing away when you are not crafting or taking with you to your crop night, scrapbooking or crafting event or just grabbing it on the way out of the door to your friends place for cardmaking and high tea.

The solid light weight base is cut with gentle curved edges for ease of use in and around your craft room. 

While harsher mixed media products like alcohol inks and solutions may damage the surface if coming into contact, other water based inks and pigments are easily cleaned away with mild detergent and water once your task is complete.

It has never been a more affordable option! Couture Creations All-in-One Magnetic Art Work Station was developed with cardmakers and scrapbookers in mind and is a great option and investment for crafters from all walks of life from beginner to expert.

So, what are you waiting for?

Couture Creations All-in-One Magnetic Art Work Station has just made its Australia debut and is now available to order at your favourite local Couture Creations Stockist!

Not sure who your Couture Creations store is? Never Fear! Whether you want to visit a local store in person or want to head online to order, you can find your closest stockist on our stockist locator page – click here to check it out now.